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School Library Media Specialist Certification Scholarships

LiveMore ScreenLess offers certification scholarships for school library media specialists.

Are you a secondary school Media Specialist seeking tools to support the learning and wellbeing of your students?

If yes, please join us for an Informational Webinar Thursday, January 18, 2024 at 3:00 pm.

Pre-registration for the webinar is required. Register for the webinar here!

LiveMore ScreenLess’ evidence-based Digital Wellbeing approach provides tools, resources, and curriculum for meaningful engagements with students that support learning and wellbeing, activate student leaders, and shift school culture toward Digital Wellbeing.

The School Library Media Specialist Certification Scholarship will support and complement the Media Literacy and Digital Literacy work of Media Specialists by deepening the scope of the literacy lessons for promoting balanced, intentional and ethical use of technology that have been created for and with young people and that activate student leaders.

Please direct questions to Amy Webster, MA, Director of Digital Wellbeing Services at [email protected]

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