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Back to School 2019 Message from our Founder

Greetings, Fellow Educators!
The 2019-20 school year has launched. Our students have started a new grade and we are so happy to welcome them to our schools. Dedication to the teaching profession speaks volumes about our values and commitment to the future of young people. Supporting the academic and social emotional growth of children is the noblest profession of all. We enter this school year facing several overarching challenges; global climate concerns, divisive politics, increasing awareness of childhood trauma and its lasting effects, growing cultural disparities related to exclusionary discipline practices, and a host of additional stressors.
So – here is the good news: If we can establish RELATIONSHIPS with students, we have a much greater chance of helping them to increase their academic and social/emotional skills. Let’s pay attention to the student retreating to a corner of the school playground or the child who challenges our leadership at every turn. They have a story to share and need caring adults to pay attention. Let’s strive to develop attuned relationships students who have given us cause for worry and let’s r emember to share our stories with them as well. They need to see our humanity in order to connect with us. 
It’s all about being attuned, connected and present. Children learn from adults who care about them.
Dr. Charlene Myklebust, Psy.D.
President and Educational/Mental Health Consultant
Professional Education Pal, LLC
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